Lær om den frie datastrømmen vi tilbyr alle som vil vise ladestasjonene.



Her kan du finne ladestasjonene på tjenester som bruker NOBIL.



Hva slags informasjon er i databasen vår og hvilke krav settes det til å være med.

Changes to many Tesla connectors

Dear NOBIL user,

Last week (Wednesday May 4,2022) we changed the attributes of all the chargers on 57 different Tesla Supercharger stations in Norway. The change is mainly on ID. 4 “Connector”, which we have changed from “Tesla Connector Model” to “CCS/Combo”. We also added the payment option “Cellular_phone“.

We have done this because Tesla have decided to open a large portion of their network in Norway to all EVs. All connectors at Tesla stations have technically been CCS for a while, but we decided to keep them as “Tesla Connector Model” in NOBIL as they could for a long while solely be used by Tesla vehicles. With the opening of the network everyone can now use the chargers on these 57 stations, and as such we are now labeling them as CCS. The Tesla stations that have not been opened to other vehicles than Tesla have not been changed and remain with the attribute “Tesla Connector Model”.

 Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Updates to database

Here are some updates that will arrive in the NOBIL database next week.


  • The charging operator "BKK" is changed to its new name “Eviny”. All stations that had BKK in it’s name, f. ex “BKK for Bergen Kommune” will now be called “Eviny for Bergen kommune”. All “Lyse / BKK” charging stations will now be called “Eviny / Lyse” . Other than that the stations remain the same, with the exception of the contact number being updated. The following fields are updated in these stations:
    • "Owned_by"
    • "Contact_info"

The updates will be implemented Monday, January 31. 

Nobil working again - and Norway is now at 4000 fast chargers!

After the issues a week back all stations should now be back in the system. Let us know - post (AT) nobil.no if there are any stations missing.

We would also like to bring to your attention that Norway has now reached 4000 fast chargers. We count these as all CCS and Tesla chargers above 50 kW. We don't count the Chademos as most chargers only let's you use one contact (e.g Chademo or CCS) at a time. We therefore count chargers as charging possibilities. 

Wishing you all a peacful Holiday and a Happy New Year! 

Backup restored


Due to the issues last week with the OCPI import - where a large number of stations, mainly from BKK, where renamed with 700 bar instead of kW values, we did a recovery of the database. The backup was from November 25, thus any tips being sent in after this day must be manually re-entered. The Nobil team are now working on restoring these. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.