Important update on NOBIL data

Dear NOBIL user, this is a status update on the NOBIL database as well as giving you a heads-up on some upcoming changes.

Many people have been asking about real time. This is not supported in the NOBIL data as of today. However, this is something which is supported in OCPI and which we, technically, are already receiving from many of the largest operators in Norway / Sweden (and in turn the Nordics). We need, however, to develop a new module for this before we can send this data out through our API. This is something which we hope will be in place before summer 2024.

If you are either a CPO or MSP and have chargers that you do not find in the NOBIL database already, please let us know so we can set up an OCPI connection with you. Note: We are only interested in CPOs or MSPs that are established in either Norway or Sweden.

We have some data from Denmark and Finland – but we do not have country administrators in these countries, as such we are not manually adding stations outside the CPOs / MSPs we have an OCPI connection with. Therefore, the data is not complete. We are hoping to find governmental agencies in these countries that are willing to take on this task.

We have also updated our privacy policy. If you do not comply to this policy, please send us an email and we will delete your information from our database. Note that you will then also lose your access to our API.

New values

For “Vehicle type” – category nr 17 we are adding the following:

"Rechargeable boats"

"Rechargeable cars, vans and boats"

The above categories are added to help electric boat users navigate to ports where there are available chargers.

Deleting old Schuko and old connector values

We are also doing some major cleaning up in the database. Much due to the recommendation of The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, with time the older Schuko charge points have been replaced with newer type 2 charging points. However, many of these stations have not been manually updated in the database, as such we have decided to delete the old Schuko charging points (about 2500 in Norway, 313 in Sweden) as most of these are either out of order or have been replaced and it would take an inexpedient amount of time to manually check these stations. Therefore, we are deleting them all in the upcoming week.

We are also deleting the Connector (4) values:

  • Schuko
  • Combo + Chademo
  • Blue industrial 3-pin
  • Type 2 + Schuko
  • Type1/Type2
  • Chademo+Type2
  • Chademo + Combo + AC-Type2

The above connectors are being deleted because either they are too old (Schuko and Blue industrial 3-pin) or that they are remnants of an older version of NOBIL where we would act each charging point as a charger. Now we are using points as connectors, thus we are not using combination values such as “Combo + Chademo”. If there is a charger with two connectors (e.g 1 CCS + 1 Chademo) we add this as two charge points with two different connectors (e.g one “CCS” and one “Chademo”).

Thank you for using NOBIL data and please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions at: post (at)