Updates to database and upcoming OCPI module

Dear NOBIL user,

Due to the electrification of new means of transport we saw the need to update the way we used the category “Vehicle type”.

Before the value “All vehicles” was used for all electric cars. As we now see the introduction of electric trucks and busses, we needed to rename this value. The former “All vehicles” is now named “Rechargeable cars and vans” which is a more precise way of what the value de facto was meant for. Meanwhile, a new category is created, named the same as the former “All vehicles”. The new value is meant for stations where all vehicles can charge: busses, trucks and cars.

Next week a new vehicle type will also be added – “Biogass vehicles”. Two new connector IDs will be added – “Biogass LBG” and “Biogass CBG”, and under “Energy carrier” a new one named “Biogass” will be added. When adding stations of this kind, we will simply use the ID “unspecified” under the ID “Charging Capacity”.

For the OCPI v2.1.1 interface we are now very close to starting to import from the Charge Points Operatos (CPO). Towards the end of this week, we will import the Norwegian CPOs Mer, Kople, and Eviny. For API users this will simply mean that the data quality is higher than before as we do not have to rely on manual entry of new stations from the CPOs which we have an OCPI connection with. This means that we should have 100 % coverage from the CPOs that we have imported through OCPI. Stations that are already in the NOBIL database will be updated / merged by the new ones received from the OCPI.

Real time data is still a work in progress – we are prioritizing getting static data through OCPI from all the major CPOs in the Nordics before implementing real time data.

There are some limitations in the OCPI data. For example, the location ID. We used to specify if a charging station was at the street level, car park, airport, shopping center, et. Cetera. Now, however, we do not receive that data through the OCPI, meaning that all stations updated through OCPI will now have the ID for location set to “street”.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.