No realtime until autumn 2022

Dear NOBIL-user,

We are working hard on getting our OCPI integration in place. Until then we are manually registering data in the NOBIL database. For real time usage, only the Norwegian operator Mer was supported. But, with our new integration of OCPI we will get real time from all large charge points operators in the Nordics. However, until then, all real time has been stopped. 

The new data registration functionality is an implementation of a new OCPI v2.1.1 interface, which will allow CPOs to automatically publish data to NOBIL. Since multiple CPOs can utilize the same back-office system, integrating one system can connect NOBIL to multiple CPOs at the same time, given that there is an agreement between the individual CPOs and Enova. 

We hope that the new functionality will increase NOBILs value for all the users of NOBIL, may it be CPOs, service providers, data analyzers or others.